Finding Joy and Thriving Through the Teen Years.


We believe that the adolescent stage of life is the one with the most power for courage and creativity....and although this can be a challenging time for some families, we also believe that with a few simple communication and coaching tools, you can enjoy strong, supportive relationships through these years and beyond!

Parents and Teachers as Coaches
Each stage of development requires different skills.  Learn simple tools to Coach the young people in your life.  Have less friction and chaos, and more nourishing relationships 


YOUR Family.



Parent and Family Coaching will help you to get clear on your values and learn the language of coaching to support your family in staying close and living more harmoniously.

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"Hold on to your kids".

                   -Gabor Maté



This lovely quote is what we are about.  I know that as parents we often struggle with what is the right thing to do - if we are making good decisions and doing the best for our own children or the children we work with.

How do you raise awesome kids in a disconnected world? You have more impact and influence on your kids than you will ever know. You can be the one to inspire them to be, feel and do good.


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"Tina was an encouraging, insightful and thought-provoking leader to our group.  She was able to guide the conversation in a way that was meaningful to a room of women that had diverse perspectives.  I would highly recommend her as a facilitator and as a coach in her work with parents and teens.  I plan on working with Tina again in future on both the business and the parenting aspects of my own life.  Tina offers the perfect balance of business knowledge with her natural facilitation capabilities and education added in.  Great facilitator and coach! 

           - Nicole, Entreprenuer and mother



The group was an extremely beneficial process for me, and the support I received was confidence building and well, supportive! As for your facilitation, I will continue to recommend you.  I found you to be engaged, enthusiastic, thoughtful and supportive.

         -  Caroline, Counsellor and mother




These tools are so simple, but make such a HUGE difference in how smoothly our family communicates.  We have a whole new relationship with our daughter.  Thank you!

                  - Roger, Electrician and father

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